Adams Electric is committed 和 invested in our preconstruction process. We believe there is no substitute for proper planning on a project; therefore, Preconstruction is a critical phase – as critical as the construction 本身. Our extensive experience allows us to proceed where information is limited or preliminary in nature by applying fast-track techniques. Adams Electric’s Preconstruction services consist of the following:

  • Review project goals 和 requirements with entire project team 和 other associated trades.
  • Professionally trained preconstruction staff provide design services, preliminary cost estimating, project surveys 和 conceptual budgeting
  • Consult 和 advise the design team with regards to economically advantageous system alternatives 和 material selections
  • Assist in the preparation of engineered documents for permit review 和 local or government agency approval
  • Control costs through communication with the owner, general 合同or, sub合同ors 和 vendors. From conceptual pricing to final estimate, our ability to manage these costs is a key element to the success of the project. Our experience with conceptual, design-build 和 design-assist 合同s is beneficial to our clients, general 合同ors 和 other trades.
  • Our partnerships with supply 和 sub合同or partners are an advantage for any client. These relationships provide the most competitive, on-time pricing 和 have been a long-lasting partnership for many years.


The Adams Electric preconstruction budgeting 和 estimating processes are as follows:

  • Conceptual budgeting is priced by historical data, narrative requirements 和 experience with the similar projects
  • Electrical scope summary templates are utilized to provide a list for any 和 all information required for a budget
  • A Scope Checklist is used to support 和 compile information required for an estimate
  • For estimating take-offs, the Preconstruction Team uses Digital on-screen estimating software. This on-screen process allows estimate counting 和 measuring to occur all while simultaneously being input into the estimating software.
  • Analyzing cost is a continuous process from budget through 100% documents. Adams provides a transparent process that determines costs over 和 under values. Adams Electric manages all costs through weekly 和 monthly cost meetings with the project team 和 management. Task lists are developed 和 utilized for all open 和 closed items. These items are chronologically listed in order to be executed in an expedient manner. Management fees, contingencies, scope changes 和 general conditions are all reviewed for tracking purposes
  • Commodities that are subject to escalation are managed through large bulk annual purchases. These items are incorporated with other projects on timing 和 commitments are made to manage long term risks.
  • Prepare preliminary construction schedules for all activities 和 team members. This schedule is derived from a complete estimate 和 is imported into Excel for project specific tasks 和 is also imported into Microsoft Projects for client schedules.
  • The complete turnover process involves the transfer of all budget 和 detailed estimating information from the estimating department to the construction team. This process includes the review of all drawings, specification, scope of work, 合同, accepted value engineering solutions 和 all details related to the project pricing.
  • Value engineering master list template is used while cost-saving ideas are reviewed. Pricing of this list is applied after decisions of items are agreed upon by the project decision makers.
  • Return on investment scenarios (ROI’s) are developed 和 submitted for savings to the owner.


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Board of Examiners
North Carolina Department of Labor
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